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In the hectic, fast-paced, digital age we spend many hours in the same sitting position with eyes fixed on our screens. Our bodies’ genetics are not ready for this and it results in complications: aches, pains and injuries that can lessen our full enjoyment of life.

We propose to help and guide you to improve your well-being through greater body mobility, experience of inner joy, peace and mental clarity in daily life. To achieve this, we have carefully integrated a range of yoga and meditation practices to increase mental clarity, focus, increase resilience to stress and enhance natural body function and recoveryRead more about us

We offer different types of one-on-one classes for individuals and office yoga / office meditation for organizations. Find out more about what we do and join us at our group classes.

Are you new to yoga ? Not sure whether yoga is for you ? Join us to experience a complete yoga class blended with a smooth exploration of yoga philosophy.

The Himalayan meditation was developed by great yogi masters. The practice of Himalayan meditation aims for samadhi – a state of peace, mental quietness and well-being. 

During these courses, we will practice concentration and meditation in different forms : conscious movements, pranayamas (special breathing practices), relaxations and, of course, a systematic explanation of Himalayan meditation as transmitted by a unbroken lineage of teachers from the himalaya yoga tradition.

We also have special Unplug and Recharge classes. A typical Unplug and Recharge class takes sixty minutes. Move through some easy postures with an objective of stretching and cultivate breathing awareness. We will then work on enjoying and strengthening good breathing habits through diaphragmatic breathing (feel free to ask for more information).

Online classes are also available.
Please see here for the updated list of online classes.

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meditation yoga classes Geneva


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