Office yoga

We can meet weekly or daily in your office. Yoga or meditation sessions are held seconds away from your office desk in conference rooms or lobby areas. Eliminating the need to commute saves time, money and head space.

What to expect?
  • The classes are customized to the need of the person or group. Depending on the student(s) needs and time available we will define a class.
  • Recharging and relaxing.
Benefits officeyoga3
  • Stimulate focus, mental clarity. People will walk away from classes feeling recharged, refreshed and more creative at work.
  • Create a healthy and joyful working environment for employees.
  • Increase effectiveness at work. Bring co-workers of all ages and levels together to practice yoga on a daily or weekly basis.
Who can benefit?
  • Anyone wishing to alleviate chronic tension or pain within their bodies.
  • Anyone wishing to improve, restore and renew themselves in body, mind and soul.
  • Anyone wishing to increase mobility and flexibility in their bodies.
  • Anyone needing silence or refuge from their busy/stressful lives.
  • Anyone searching for deeper understanding of themselves, in order to reach their full potential.


  • 60 min session 130 CHF