Online classes

Below are some examples of online classes. You can find others here.

❤️ Hatha yoga. This is a class for people who have hatha yoga experience. See an example below.

❤️ Yoga en douceur. This is a class for beginners and people that enjoy a kind and gentle practice to nourish the body and the soul. A short example below.

❤️ Meditation class via zoom @ 21:00 (ECT). This is a class open to all and on donation based. In traditional circles of yoga, it is normal to request a donation from the heart. In this way, each person can decide to pay what he/she percieves as value for the received teachings. Giving an offering means that you enjoyed the class and want to retribute to the teacher in a just way, so that you feel good about the price you are offering and you are supporting the teacher to continue teaching.

Below is an exemple of a 16 minutes Himalaya Yoga Tradition meditation.

Classes in the studio (see here) will gradually open to a greater number of people. If you don’t have symptoms and are not a person in risk, you might want to join us in the studio. Conditions for studio practice: a) take your own mat or a towel, b) wash/sanitise hands at arrival, c) keep as much as possible a distance.

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