Private yoga: Dive deep into your practice

In private classes, the entire course is adapted to you, your body, your time, your ability to perform and your mental condition. We will practice asanas, breathing, meditation, at your own pace and rhythm. This is how yoga was traditionally taught, as one-on-one guidance better serves the students’ needs.

The length, the focus and the time interval between classes are agreed between teacher and student according to student wishes and needs. Some of the possible teaching topics are:

  • Learn at your own pace: basic postures, sequences, breath practices, relaxation and meditation
  • Deepen asana, bandhas, kriya practice
  • Learn to modify/adapt a practice to your body
  • Deepen your understanding of yogic breathing exercices
  • Learn to relax deeply and systematically
  • Learn to meditate at your own pace: inner observation, role of breath, mantras and stillness
  • Create and establish a daily practice & integrate yoga in everyday life
  • Introduction to yoga philosophy
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Price: 110 CHF (60 min)