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Private or Group classes in your office or home:



“You have been taught to see and examine things in the external world. Nobody has taught you to see and find within. There is no other way but the way of meditation. No object of the world has the power to give you what meditation can give you”  Swami Rama

Learn to meditate, to establish your meditation posture and meditation practice at home or in your office. See how here.

We offer two types of services:
Group meditation classes in your office (for groups)
One-on-one meditation classes (for privates)



These classes are specifically designed to create mental clarity and greater effectiveness at work, as well as help alleviate chronic symptoms that derive from excessive sitting.

Register for a private one-on-one with full flexibility, or we can come to your office for a semi-private yoga class in your office space.

We offer three types of services:

Office yoga
Private yoga
Regular group classes

Breathing and deep relaxationrelaxing1

Breathing and relaxation are something we take for granted. Everyone knows how to breathe and how to relax, right?

Do you have trouble falling asleep, even when you need to rest?  Do you often wake up after 8 hours of sleep still feeling tired and lacking energy?

Learning to breathe and relax can help you with any of these issues.

Check our package built to help you to relax, recharge and expand your life energy through conscious movement, breath and deep relaxation.